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Smart building solutions

You might be wondering what is meant by smart building solutions. Well, it can be described as solutions that connect structures digitally and combine optimized building and operational automation with intelligent space supervision to enhance the user experience, increase output, cut costs, and alleviate physical and cyber security risks. Smart buildings extend across shopping malls, residential buildings, office buildings, factories, hospitals, airports, school campuses and stadiums. These are spaces in which humans come together and interact with each other, utilize advanced technology to perform their necessary functions and gain from a digitally improved experience. Examples of smart building solutions are surveillance cameras for security, intercoms for communication within a building or small collection of buildings, air conditioners, Wi-Fi connections and Biometric registration. Property owners know that high performance buildings translate to greater property values and long term tenants. After fully understanding the profits they will seek out and capitalize in smart technology that drives performance in three key techniques: creating a conducive environment for people in the space, minimizing energy use without sacrificing your comfort and simplifying and rationalizing building operations. Commercial buildings are now trending smarter and tenants are looking for spaces that improve employee comfort, efficiency, and retention. Smart building solutions are continuing to be instrumental in the real estate plan that highlights the user experience, saves time and money, improves efficiency, and creates an enterprise that better meets the requirements of perceptive clients.

Nicole Amondi, Business Development Manager , Waveplanet.