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In using the traditional DVR for surveillance cameras for footage storage,the establishment faced the risks of low video quality and stability especially when it came to long-distance outdoor deployments under extreme temperature.
This coupled with data recovery challenges, incase of Equipement vandalism couldnt help but worsen the situation.The associated security risks at vehicle entry and exit as well as for daily walk-in-and-out staff therefore prompted the hotel to look for a new solution..”


To improve the stability of video monitoring, the hotel decided to replace the old DVR system with NAS based surveillance solution, which is easily integrated into existing IT infrastructure. Compatible with an extensive range of IP cameras, it also gives full flexibility of camera selection during deployment.
In case any suspicious event or emergency occurs, the recording footages are archived in the server for 20 days. With the NAS based CMS support, which can be quickly located via Timeline Smart Search for playback, analysis or exporting purpose in the future..


Stable and easy to manage system.Central management system (CMS) streamlined multiservice deployments.Achievement of timeline smart search hastening locating of footages.