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Enterprise data backup strategy

In today’s digital world, everyone has data that needs to be safely stored and backed up. For many, this means a manual copy to an external hard drive that still runs the risk of drive failure.  Automatic, redundant backup keeps documents, photos, critical business data, and all other files safe from drive failure and frees the user from manual backups.

Almost every organization now recognises the need to manage data differently, economizing on storage, moving workloads to the cloud and ensuring the security of that data in the event of a disaster or breach. But few are aware that they can achieve their data-management goals without compromising on agility. At Waveplanet, we give you a single unified view of your data and ensure you can recover your information instantly with near-zero downtime. Unlike other providers, we offer this functionality at no extra cost, no matter how many times you use it.

There are many ways that can occasion data loss:

  • A desktop/laptop hard drive crash or damage to your mobile device can render your data unrecoverable
  • Your computer or phone can be stolen – business break-ins are common and according to FBI statistics 97% of stolen laptops/desktops are never recovered
  • Data can be accidentally deleted (or deliberately deleted by a disgruntled employee)
  • Your computer can be hijacked by malware
  • Your online storage accounts can be hacked
  • ransomware attack could render your files inaccessible until a substantial fee is paid

A Data Backup Regime Is a Must

For adequate data protection, you need to establish a data backup system that follows these three steps:

  • Backup business data regularly
  • Create backups on reliable media or in the cloud
  • If using media for backups keep the devices in a secure, off-site location

The basic rule for business data protection is that if losing the data will interfere with doing business, back it up. Desktop software programs can be reinstalled if required, but recovering the details of transactions or business correspondence is impossible if those files are lost or damaged beyond repair

Backup Critical Business Data

There are two steps to successful data backup;

  • Identifying the critical data that needs to be backed up
  • Implementing backups of the data on a regular schedule

Wave planet’s cloud back up strategy

Wave planet’s cloud service negates the requirement for ongoing investment in on-premises storage hardware and media and, through impressive data de-duplication and compression, can be utilised in environments with high data change and limited or poor bandwidth. With Instant Data, restores are rapid and include the ability to stream data regardless of age, to any location at the click of a button.

Trying to identify, manage and control fragmented data is now a leading priority for all businesses as data becomes more intrinsically valuable. An efficient and effective cloud backup solution is demanding

  1. A centralized solution that unifies backup and recovery, archiving, and disaster recovery
  2. simplified deployment and billing to radically reduce costs
  3. better ways to comply with ever more stringent regulations
  4. border less visibility of all data
  5. to be up and running in seconds, not days, in the event of a disaster

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